What Can You Do on a Cruise?

What Can You Do on a Cruise?

Maybe the question should be, what can’t you do on a cruise?

The cruise industry has come a long way in providing entertainment and activities for their guests. It is no longer a place to just stuff yourself at the buffet, consume tropical boat-drinks, see a show, then have a few more drinks and a late-night pizza. Of course, you can still do all that but, there is much more to see and do.

What to Do When Not in Port?

what can you do on a cruiseOn any 7-day cruise, you will stop at 3 or 4 exotic ports, more on longer cruises. There you will experience the local culture, history, shopping, and food. Shore excursions take you on exciting adventures or relaxing beach getaways. But what can you do on the sea days when there is no port stop? Or in the evening after a day in port?

Adventure Park

What can you do on a cruise
Go-Karts on Norwegian Bliss – NCL
What can you do on a cruise
Carnival Vista SkyRide

There has long been miniature golf, rock climbing walls, and water slides. More recently, activities like ice-skating, bowling, and carousels for the kids have been added. Now, the cruise lines are pumping up the adrenaline with Flo-rider surfing, Sky-Ride suspended cycling, zip-lines, aerial rope courses, roller coasters, go-karts, indoor sky-diving, and who knows what they will think of next!

The Shows

what can you do on a cruiseThe shows have been pumped up with special sound and lighting effects, rivaling anything on Broadway or Vegas. Unique performances from Cirque du Soleil are featured on a few ships! Laugh along with a stand-up comedian at either a family friendly or more adult themed show. Book a themed cruise and get exclusive shows with country, blues, or rock stars. There are even sports-themed cruises with players from some of your favorite teams.

The Dining

what can you do on a cruiseDining choices have been expanded beyond the buffet and main dining room. Celebrity chefs have established their own brands with some of the cruise lines. Gourmet burgers, real wood-fired barbeque, specialty tacos, steak house and seafood restaurants, French and Italian bistros, Teppanyaki and Sushi are just a few examples of alternative dining venues being introduced.

More Than a Boat-Drink

What can you do on a cruise
Carnival Vista RedFrog Pub & Brewery

Get a freshly brewed craft beer at an onboard brewery. Try something made to your specifications at an exclusive Martini bar or watch a robotic bartender prepare your cocktail. If it is a bit too early in the day for that, have a specialty coffee, cappuccino, or latte at the coffee bar. There is much more to enjoy than a fruity boat-drink.

Life Events

what can you do on a cruiseDid you know you can get married on a cruise? Bring along the family and the wedding party! Most cruise lines can coordinate destination weddings in a port stop or a wedding at sea officiated by the captain. The total cost will likely be cheaper as you are combining the wedding, reception, and honeymoon in one package.

what can you do on a cruiseHas there been someone in your life who was a world traveler or an expat living abroad? Maybe someone who just loved the ocean and wanted to be there forever? Burial-at-sea is available from most cruise lines. Obviously, you cannot bring a body on board, it must be ashes, usually referred to as cremains. Typically, a biodegradable urn will be required to hold the cremains as they are deposited in the ocean. They and you do not want loose ashes which can be blown around by the wind!

Book Your Cruise Adventure Now

What can you do on a cruise? I will say it again… What can’t you do on a cruise?

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what can you do on a cruise


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