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Two Ships – Two Cruises – A Comparison

Royal Caribbean vs Carnival

Royal Caribbean vs Carnival - Liberty of the Seas
Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas
Royal Caribbean vs Carnival - Splendor
Carnival Splendor





After nine cruises on Carnival, one on Cunard, one on Princess, and one on Royal Caribbean, it was time to give Royal Caribbean a try again. It has been about 21 years since my first Royal Caribbean experience. There was nothing wrong with that first cruise in fact it was a blast and the service was excellent. It came down to trying to stay with one cruise line to accrue the most benefits, the more you sail the more perks you get. At the point that we started sailing with Carnival, they had the best pricing. Continue reading “Two Ships – Two Cruises – A Comparison”

Escape from Cabin Fever

December, 2016 - Liberty of the Seas
Liberty of the Seas - cabin fever
Not our cabin – But you get the idea…

We needed a getaway from the onset of cabin fever. Winter was rapidly approaching. Officially, it was still late fall, but the world was closing in.

We could just drive to somewhere in the Colorado Mountains. No, we wanted somewhere warm. We could go to Arizona or New Mexico but nothing sounded appealing. We both knew what we needed and wanted, our first love of travel… we needed a cruise! Continue reading “Escape from Cabin Fever”

Carnival Has Lost Its Splendor

Carnival Splendor –

Carnival Cruise Lines has experienced a lot of bad luck and bad press. I had always defended them and stated they were a great cruise line. Lets face it, wouldn’t you rather be on a ship stalled in the ocean than on a plane falling out of the sky, with no chance of survival. But, after 7 cruises on Carnival, the last two not good experiences, we are parting ways. Continue reading “Carnival Has Lost Its Splendor”

Halifax & Titanic Cemetery

Titanic II Stirs up Titanic Memories

In all honesty, I no longer know if this is real or a hoax. The Titanic II is still slated to sail next year, 2018, but I cannot find any updated information. Any pictures I   can find online are just computer generations. According to Wikipedia, as of   February 2017, no construction of the ship as begun.

 The following was written upon first hearing of the project last year, 2016. As this is not about Titanic II, but rather the memories and emotions stirred up by the   thought of another Titanic, it is still valid and…definitely not a hoax.

Continue reading “Halifax & Titanic Cemetery”

Ivywild School – Colorado Springs

A New Life for an Old Schoolivywild-school

Ivywild - Bob serving beer at Bristol Brewing
Bob serving beer at Bristol Brewing

As you climb the twenty-some steps leading to the main entrance you almost expect to hear school bells and the sound of children on the playground. Today the historic Ivywild Elementary School, constructed in 1916, is a re-purposed building with new life bustling through the halls. Continue reading “Ivywild School – Colorado Springs”

Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

Searching for our Golden Years in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

We were told our Golden Years were before us and something to look forward to. But we could see very little gold in our future if we were to stay home in the US. The cost of living, taxes, and medical expenses would just be too high. And we are uncertain of the future for retirees in the US. Continue reading “Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica”

Cuenca, Ecuador

Paradise Found…Cuenca, Ecuador

Seeing a taxi driver running through an airport waving your purse in the air is a tear-jerkingly awesome moment. We were in line to check our baggage for our flight home from Cuenca, Ecuador when I realized my purse was missing. The purse containing our tickets, passports, and money had been left in the cab! We thought all was lost…! Continue reading “Cuenca, Ecuador”