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Paris, France – 3 Days in the City of Lights

Upon return from our recent Mediterranean cruise, we flew from Rome to spend some time in Paris, the City of Lights, so named because it was one of the first cities to have electricity. Continue reading “Paris, France – 3 Days in the City of Lights”

48 Hours in Rome – What You Should Know Before You Go

48 Hours in Rome – What You Should Know Before You Go

We recently spent a little over 2 days in Rome, Italy prior to embarking on a Mediterranean cruise. It was enough to scratch the surface and get a good taste of “The Eternal City.” Continue reading “48 Hours in Rome – What You Should Know Before You Go”

The Museum of Style Icons – County Kildare, Ireland

Museum of Style Icons - fountainMuseum of Style Icons - umbrella treeMuseum of Style Icons

Newbridge Silverware is located in a pleasant little industrial area tucked in behind a small shopping mall in Kildare, County Kildare, Ireland. Walking from the small parking lot, you pass a pale blue sculpture and fountain which appears to be constructed of heavy manufacturing equipment and… a tree filled with blue umbrellas! Continue reading “The Museum of Style Icons – County Kildare, Ireland”

The Spirit of Dublin – Teeling Distillery

Teeling Whiskey

In a country known the world over for its fine whiskey, Teeling Distillery is the first new Dublin distillery in over 125 years. Even more surprising, when Teeling opened in 2015, it marked the first time in nearly 40 years that Irish Whiskey was being made in Dublin. Continue reading “The Spirit of Dublin – Teeling Distillery”

Experience The EWE – Glengariff, West Cork, Ireland

The EWE Experience…

We parked in a small gravel lot surrounded by trees in the Irish woods. Leaving our rental car behind, we walked toward the entrance.

EWE Experience - Logo
Copyright © 2015 The Ewe Experience & Gallery.

We approached the somewhat overgrown gate and were greeted by a tall gentleman who reminded us of Lurch, the butler from the Addams Family TV series. He was not dressed in formal wear but, was poised and emotionless. He just simply asked, “How many are you?” “Four,” we replied. “That will be €25. Thank you, follow the signs.” Continue reading “Experience The EWE – Glengariff, West Cork, Ireland”

Through the Looking Glass – St. James’s Gate Dublin

Guinness Storehouse - St. James's GateLike Alice through the looking glass, I pass through the entrance at St. James’s Gate, Market Street, Dublin. This the Guinness Storehouse, Mecca to beer drinkers the world over and the number one visitor attraction in Ireland. Continue reading “Through the Looking Glass – St. James’s Gate Dublin”

Epic — Not a Good Name for This NCL Ship!

Norwegian Epic - NCLNorwegian Epic




We have just completed our first and maybe last cruise on NCL.

Norwegian Epic
Norwegian Epic

We boarded the Norwegian Epic in Rome on May 24, 2017 eagerly anticipating a great adventure in “Free-Style” cruising. Having never experienced NCL before, we expected some things to be different, hopefully for the better. Continue reading “Epic — Not a Good Name for This NCL Ship!”

Travel Tips – A Few Things You Should Know Before You Go

Travel Tips You Need to Know-

So you are taking a trip – careful planning can save a lot of headaches. Whether you are driving, taking a train, cruising, or flying; there are things you need to know. These rules go for local trips as well as world travel. Continue reading “Travel Tips – A Few Things You Should Know Before You Go”

Cruising Tips – Things You May Not Have Thought About

Thinking of taking a cruise? Have you cruised before? Do you know what to expect? Have you thought of everything? Here are some cruising tips you may not have thought about…

Cruising is the best way to travel. You unpack once, do not have to drive anywhere, no cooking or cleaning, and you awake in a new port or location every day.

Each time you cruise you acquire a new cruising tip, a new resource, or just come up with a new idea you never thought of before. Talking to other passengers, the crew, and the locals in ports is great way to discover something new.

You may find something here you didn’t already know, whether it is your first cruise or your twentieth cruise. Continue reading “Cruising Tips – Things You May Not Have Thought About”

Two Ships – Two Cruises – A Comparison

Royal Caribbean vs Carnival

Royal Caribbean vs Carnival - Liberty of the Seas
Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas
Royal Caribbean vs Carnival - Splendor
Carnival Splendor





After nine cruises on Carnival, one on Cunard, one on Princess, and one on Royal Caribbean, it was time to give Royal Caribbean a try again. It has been about 21 years since my first Royal Caribbean experience. There was nothing wrong with that first cruise in fact it was a blast and the service was excellent. It came down to trying to stay with one cruise line to accrue the most benefits, the more you sail the more perks you get. At the point that we started sailing with Carnival, they had the best pricing. Continue reading “Two Ships – Two Cruises – A Comparison”