Brewing Up a Monsoon in Puerto Vallarta MX

The American Craft Brewery boom has expanded south of the border…

Monzón Brewing Co. - PV
Puerto Vallarta – Home of Monzón Brewing Co.

Earlier this year, we took a two-week vacation in Mexico. Our goal was to check out two areas, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta, to determine if either was a destination we could see ourselves moving to. Without going into any detail, we both said a definite “No” to Mazatlán. Puerto Vallarta, on the other hand, I thought was a “Maybe”. Debbie was somewhat less enthusiastic about the idea.

But, that is not what this is about. Continue reading “Brewing Up a Monsoon in Puerto Vallarta MX”

Through the Looking Glass – St. James’s Gate Dublin

Guinness Storehouse - St. James's GateLike Alice through the looking glass, I pass through the entrance at St. James’s Gate, Market Street, Dublin. This the Guinness Storehouse, Mecca to beer drinkers the world over and the number one visitor attraction in Ireland. Continue reading “Through the Looking Glass – St. James’s Gate Dublin”

Epic — Not a Good Name for This NCL Ship!

Norwegian Epic - NCLNorwegian Epic




We have just completed our first and maybe last cruise on NCL.

Norwegian Epic
Norwegian Epic

We boarded the Norwegian Epic in Rome on May 24, 2017 eagerly anticipating a great adventure in “Free-Style” cruising. Having never experienced NCL before, we expected some things to be different, hopefully for the better. Continue reading “Epic — Not a Good Name for This NCL Ship!”

Cruising Tips – Things You May Not Have Thought About

Thinking of taking a cruise? Have you cruised before? Do you know what to expect? Have you thought of everything? Here are some cruising tips you may not have thought about…

Cruising is the best way to travel. You unpack once, do not have to drive anywhere, no cooking or cleaning, and you awake in a new port or location every day.

Each time you cruise you acquire a new cruising tip, a new resource, or just come up with a new idea you never thought of before. Talking to other passengers, the crew, and the locals in ports is great way to discover something new.

You may find something here you didn’t already know, whether it is your first cruise or your twentieth cruise. Continue reading “Cruising Tips – Things You May Not Have Thought About”

Escape from Cabin Fever

December, 2016 - Liberty of the Seas
Liberty of the Seas - cabin fever
Not our cabin – But you get the idea…

We needed a getaway from the onset of cabin fever. Winter was rapidly approaching. Officially, it was still late fall, but the world was closing in.

We could just drive to somewhere in the Colorado Mountains. No, we wanted somewhere warm. We could go to Arizona or New Mexico but nothing sounded appealing. We both knew what we needed and wanted, our first love of travel… we needed a cruise! Continue reading “Escape from Cabin Fever”

Ivywild School – Colorado Springs

A New Life for an Old Schoolivywild-school

Ivywild - Bob serving beer at Bristol Brewing
Bob serving beer at Bristol Brewing

As you climb the twenty-some steps leading to the main entrance you almost expect to hear school bells and the sound of children on the playground. Today the historic Ivywild Elementary School, constructed in 1916, is a re-purposed building with new life bustling through the halls. Continue reading “Ivywild School – Colorado Springs”