Carnival Has Lost Its Splendor

Carnival Splendor –

Carnival Cruise Lines has experienced a lot of bad luck and bad press. I had always defended them and stated they were a great cruise line. Lets face it, wouldn’t you rather be on a ship stalled in the ocean than on a plane falling out of the sky, with no chance of survival. But, after 7 cruises on Carnival, the last two not good experiences, we are parting ways. Continue reading “Carnival Has Lost Its Splendor”

Halifax & Titanic Cemetery

Titanic II Stirs up Titanic Memories

In all honesty, I no longer know if this is real or a hoax. The Titanic II is still slated to sail next year, 2018, but I cannot find any updated information. Any pictures I   can find online are just computer generations. According to Wikipedia, as of   February 2017, no construction of the ship as begun.

 The following was written upon first hearing of the project last year, 2016. As this is not about Titanic II, but rather the memories and emotions stirred up by the   thought of another Titanic, it is still valid and…definitely not a hoax.

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